How To Find The Real IP Address Of A Website Behind CloudFlare

02/24/2017 12:00 AM by Admin in Cdn

How To Find The Real IP Address Of A Website Behind CloudFlare


CloudFlare is one of the most popular and fastest growing Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers. CloudFlare has built their reputation partially by being able to protect notorious black hat hacking groups like LulzSec and Lizard Squad from Distributed Denial of Service attacks. When DDoS attacks were launched against LulzSec, CloudFlare was capable of mitigating those attacks. As hackers attempted to take down LulzSec, CloudFlare documented every pattern of the attack. This showed that CloudFlare was not only able to protect its user, but also could use the experience gained to harden their server’s DDoS protection further.

When the user decides to use CloudFlare, it becomes increasingly harder for the attacker to launch a DDoS attack on the website since the origin server IP address is hidden behind the CDN. The methods below should be able to assist you in finding a website’s destination server IP address.


cloudflare real ip resolver

Use online tool from Cuteseotools called Cloudflare IP Resolver 


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