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About Disavow File Generator

What is a Disavow File?

A disavow file is a .txt file that contains instructions to Google – it’s used to let them know that you’d like them to ignore a bunch of links that are pointing to your website, usually because they’re having a negative impact on your rankings, or could do.

A great disavow file contains both root domains and links to individual pages along with comments detailing your removal attempts for each of the links, where necessary.

Enter your bad domains and URLs in the form below to generate and download a disavow file in .txt format which is instantly ready for submission to Google. You can launch Google’s Disavow tool by clicking here.

When Should You Submit One?

If your rankings have suffered recently, or even if they haven’t but you think they may in the future then it’s probably a good idea for you to consider submitting a Disavow file.

Submit a Disavow file if:

  • You’ve built or purchased low quality links
  • An SEO you hired has built or purchased low quality links
  • You’re seeing a large number of links appearing from a negative SEO attack
  • With this Disavow File Generator you can simply create a disavow file that is ready to submit in Google Webmasters Tool. You can put list of URLs or domains which contains un-natural backlinks to your website and submit the generated file to Google Webmasters in order to disown those backlinks so you can restore your ranking in Google Search.