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MGR - Repair Shop CRM, Computer and Phone Repair Shop Software, Inventory, POS and Invoicing System
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Repair Shop Software to give you tracking, inventory management, invoicing, point of sale and much more. Trusted by hundreds of users across the globe.
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<H1> Management Software for Repair Shops </H1>
<H2> Features Overview </H2>
<H2> Affordable Packages </H2>
<H2> The Most Effective Way Of Managing Repairs </H2>
<H2> Frequently Asked Questions </H2>
<H2> Happy & Growing Customers </H2>
<H2> Explore Screenshots </H2>
<H2> 3rd-Party Integration </H2>
<H2> Enough? Start Building! </H2>
<H3> English Français Español Dutch Deutsche Italiano & Many More Languages </H3>
<H3> Repair & Ticketing </H3>
<H3> Point of Sale (POS/ePOS) </H3>
<H3> Robust Inventory Management </H3>
<H3> Invoicing/Recurring Invoicing Module </H3>
<H3> Leads/Estimates Module </H3>
<H3> Marketing </H3>
<H3> Website Builder </H3>
<H3> Multi Language </H3>
<H3> 3rd-Party Integrations </H3>
<H3> Ticketing Dashboard </H3>
<H3> Full Reporting Module </H3>
<H3> Field Service/Appointments </H3>
<H3> Employee Management </H3>
<H3> Barcode Labels/QR Codes </H3>
<H3> Notification Alerts </H3>
<H3> Customers & CRM </H3>
<H3> Localization </H3>
<H3> Manage Multiple Locations/Shops </H3>
<H3> Award Winning Support </H3>
<H3> Easy To Use </H3>
<H3> Cloud Based </H3>
<H3> REGULAR </H3>
<H3> PREMIUM </H3>
<H3> More Questions then Email us at [email protected] </H3>
<H3> AND MANY MORE... </H3>
<H3> Google Cloud Print </H3>
<H3> PrintNode </H3>
<H3> Google Places API Web Service </H3>
<H3> txtlocal </H3>
<H3> Authorize.net </H3>
<H3> Clickatell </H3>
<H3> Marketing Campaigns </H3>
<H3> SMS Global </H3>
<H3> Referral Program </H3>
<H3> Slack </H3>
<H3> Crafty Clicks </H3>
<H3> Leads Widget </H3>
<H3> Template Editor </H3>
<H3> Pushover Notifications </H3>
<H3> Language Editor </H3>
<H3> Vantiv O.N.E. </H3>
<H3> Repair Tracker Widget </H3>
<H3> sage Pay </H3>
<H3> PCA Direct (PostCode Anywhere) </H3>
<H3> Payment Sense. </H3>
<H3> Customer Facing Display </H3>
<H3> Appointment Booking </H3>
<H3> Toggl </H3>
<H3> Barclaycard Online Payments </H3>
<H3> Office 365 Calendar </H3>
<H3> BlueFin </H3>
<H3> Square </H3>
<H3> Stripe </H3>
<H3> MailChimp </H3>
<H3> Xero </H3>
<H3> PayPal Payments REST API </H3>
<H3> PayPal Payments Pro/Payflow </H3>
<H3> SMS Broadcast </H3>
<H3> Google Calendar </H3>
<H3> QuickBooks </H3>
<H4> Shopping Cart </H4>
<H4>   </H4>
<H4> Built for Professionals </H4>
<H4> Verify that you aren't a robot </H4>
<H5> Unlimited Users </H5>
<H5> Unlimited Tickets </H5>
<H5> Unlimited Registers </H5>
<H5> Invoicing & Refunds </H5>
<H5> Purchase Orders </H5>
<H5> IMEI & Serial # Tracking </H5>
<H5> Inventory Control </H5>
<H5> Sales Management </H5>
<H5> Barcode Printing </H5>
<H5> End of Day Report </H5>
<H5> Free Updates </H5>
<H5> End of Day Report </H5>
<H5> Inventory Reorder Levels </H5>
<H5> Supplier Returns </H5>
<H5> Take your repair shop to the next level </H5>
<H5> Subscribe to Our Newsletter to get Important News, Amazing Offers & Inside Scoops: </H5>

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MGR - Repair Shop CRM, Computer and Phone Repair Shop Software, Inventory, POS and Invoicing System


Repair Shop Software to give you tracking, inventory management, invoicing, point of sale and much more. Trusted by hundreds of users across the globe.

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