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Department of Transport home page
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<H1> DOT Home </H1>
<H2>  Quick Access   </H2>
<H2> Temporary Notices to Mariners (TNTM) </H2>
<H2> Online payment disruption Sunday 27 Aug 2017 </H2>
<H2> Licence renewal scam </H2>
<H2> $1.7 million in regional airport funding up for grabs </H2>
<H2> New driver test process strengthened </H2>
<H2> Old4New lifejacket upgrade program visits Hillarys Boat Harbour </H2>
<H3> Go to Licensing Home </H3>
<H3> DOTDirect </H3>
<H3> Quick Access </H3>
<H3> Phone: 13 11 56 </H3>
<H3> Go to Marine Home </H3>
<H3> DOTDirect </H3>
<H3> Quick Access </H3>
<H3> On-demand Transport </H3>
<H3> DOTDirect </H3>
<H3> Quick Access </H3>
<H3> Go to Projects/ Planning Home </H3>
<H3> DOTDirect </H3>
<H3> Quick Access </H3>
<H3> Go to Active Transport Home </H3>
<H3> DOTDirect </H3>
<H3> Quick Access </H3>
<H3> Go to Aviation Home </H3>
<H3> DOTDirect </H3>
<H3> Quick Access </H3>
<H3> Go to Freight/Ports Home </H3>
<H3> DOTDirect </H3>
<H3> Quick Access </H3>
<H3> Go to About Us </H3>
<H3> DOTDirect </H3>
<H3> Quick Access </H3>
<H3> Contact Details </H3>
<H3> Save time, book your PDA online </H3>
<H3> DoTDirect is quick and easy to use wherever you are. </H3>
<H3> Public transport / main roads </H3>
<H3>  Help and Legal </H3>
<H3> About Us  </H3>
<H3> Contact Us   </H3>
<H4> Oil spill, marine emergencies (08) 9480 9924 </H4>
<H4> Contact Details </H4>
<H4> Contact Details </H4>
<H4> Contact Details </H4>
<H4> Changes to the Graduated Driver Training and Licensing (GDTL) process </H4>
<H4> Save time, check online. </H4>
<H4> Doesn't your special car deserve some special plates? </H4>
<H4> Save time, pay online now </H4>
<H4> Save time, pay your boat registration online </H4>

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DOT Home


Department of Transport home page

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Coast camsInternal LinksDofollow
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Tide and wave data (current)Internal LinksDofollow
All ContactsInternal LinksDofollow
On-demand TransportInternal LinksDofollow
Learn moreInternal LinksDofollow
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On-demand transport reformInternal LinksDofollow
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On-demand transport news/industry updatesInternal LinksDofollow
On-demand transport forms and publicationsInternal LinksDofollow
Contact On-demand TransportInternal LinksDofollow
Driver safety and rightsInternal LinksDofollow
Passenger safetyInternal LinksDofollow
Projects/PlanningInternal LinksDofollow
Budget (2017/2018)Internal LinksDofollow
Central Area Transport Plan (2025)Internal LinksDofollow
Coastal infrastructure projectsInternal LinksDofollow
Esperance clean-up and recoveryInternal LinksDofollow
Perth parkingInternal LinksDofollow
Public Transport Plan 2031Internal LinksDofollow
Transport @ 3.5 MillionInternal LinksDofollow
WA Bicycle Network PlanInternal LinksDofollow
Denham Maritime Facility upgradesInternal LinksDofollow
Exmouth Boat Harbour upgradeInternal LinksDofollow
Fremantle FBH Jetty 2 redevelopmentInternal LinksDofollow
Hillarys Boat Harbour upgradeInternal LinksDofollow
Port Geographe coastal worksInternal LinksDofollow
All ContactsInternal LinksDofollow
Active TransportInternal LinksDofollow
Safe Active Streets ProgramInternal LinksDofollow
CyclingInternal LinksDofollow
WalkingInternal LinksDofollow
Your MoveInternal LinksDofollow
Active Transport maps and guidesInternal LinksDofollow
Active Transport forms and publicationsInternal LinksDofollow
Contact Active TransportInternal LinksDofollow
Active Transport site mapInternal LinksDofollow
Cycling maps / guidesInternal LinksDofollow
Report a hazard (for cyclists)Internal LinksDofollow
AviationInternal LinksDofollow
Learn MoreInternal LinksDofollow
Aircraft noiseInternal LinksDofollow
Metropolitan airportsInternal LinksDofollow
Regional Airports Development SchemeInternal LinksDofollow
State Aviation StrategyInternal LinksDofollow
Aviation forms and publicationsInternal LinksDofollow
Aviation linksInternal LinksDofollow
Contact AviationInternal LinksDofollow
Freight/PortsInternal LinksDofollow
Regional Freight PlanInternal LinksDofollow
Freight informationInternal LinksDofollow
Ports informationInternal LinksDofollow
National Heavy Vehicle RegulatorInternal LinksDofollow
Owner-drivers guideInternal LinksDofollow
Freight contactsInternal LinksDofollow
About UsInternal LinksDofollow
About the DoT - overview, role and structureInternal LinksDofollow
Accessibility and mobilityInternal LinksDofollow
Annual reportInternal LinksDofollow
Change of address (online)Internal LinksDofollow
EmploymentInternal LinksDofollow
Fees, grants and subsidiesInternal LinksDofollow
News and mediaInternal LinksDofollow
General licensing enquiryInternal LinksDofollow
Feedback and complaintsInternal LinksDofollow
Freedom of informationInternal LinksDofollow
Office locationsInternal LinksDofollow
Find out more   Internal LinksDofollow
Check rego now   Internal LinksDofollow
Buy your BizPlates now   Internal LinksDofollow
Find out more...Internal LinksDofollow
Pre-pay a modification permit (opens in a new window)Internal LinksDofollow
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Temp movement permit (opens in a new window)Internal LinksDofollow
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navigational warningsInternal LinksDofollow
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More NewsInternal LinksDofollow
Learn more about 'Image of lady walking.'Internal LinksDofollow
Public transport / main roads Looking for info on buses, trains and main roads? Learn more about 'Public transport / main roads'Internal LinksDofollow
Learn more about 'Image of Perth CBD'Internal LinksDofollow
TwitterInternal LinksDofollow
Supporting the communityInternal LinksDofollow
Public interest disclosureInternal LinksDofollow
Go to whole of WA Government SearchExternal LinksDofollow
Scam WatchExternal LinksDofollow
$1.7 million in regional airport funding up for grabsExternal LinksDofollow
New driver test process strengthenedExternal LinksDofollow
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wa.gov.auExternal LinksDofollow
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