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Welcome to Moz backlink extractor tool which is the recent and most powerful SEO Tool Offer by cuteseotools. Moz is a well known worldwide SEO experts hub with latest SEO forecast and search engines algorithms, panda and penguin updates. Moz Offers a various number of most useful SEO tools related to the webmasters. Moz Offers PRO membership and free membership. Free membership is limited to such numbers of tools while the PRO membership comes with the unlimited search queries and tools. Moz free allows a limited number of search quires per day (Max 5). SEO Tools Centre have fixed this issue for the lifetime.

MozTrust Checker is a tool that allows you to check the MozTrust score of your website. With this tool, you should be able to know the performance of your website in the search engine. What is MozTrust score? MozTrust score is a kind of scoring system created by Moz, one of the most respected search engine experts on the internet. The MozTrust score will show how trustworthy your website in the search engine. The score is measured based on how many trustworthy links that are linked to your website. The more trustworthy links that are linked to your website, the more trustworthy your website will be regarded in the search engine.

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 cuteseotools Moz backlink extractor is an instant, super-fast and efficient tool to checkout and export backlinks from Moz database. Using STC Moz links extracting tool you can analyze up to 1000 backlinks report from Moz while Moz free membership display only 5 backlinks reports. Unlike other SEO tools sites, cuteseotools Moz links checker is a super-fast tool to create SEO reports. 

How Moz Backlinks Extractor Tool Works?

STC Moz backlinks tool first obtain the input (URL) and scan it in the Moz backlinks database and display in the results. We have integrated the Moz API in the backend of this tool so we obtain the results officially from the Moz. 


How to use CuteSeoTool`s Moz Backlinks Extractor Tool?

To use this tool, simply type or copy and paste the URL of that website which you want to analyze in the above box and select the number of backlinks in the second drop down list. In short, enter URL select backlinks range and click on the submit button to download/save your Moz backlinks reports for audit. Also, try our another best backlinks Checker tool to export general backlinks pointed to your domain.